good times are ahead

A couple of weeks back, I gave sea trout fishing another try.

I think I can say that the weather was too good this day (for a change).
Sun, no wind at all and a flat surface. The trout was rising, and had no interest in my flies. 😛
I hadn’t tought about bringing the dry flies to sea trout fishing.


Luckily, I got to end the day with this one. :)

But now… Finally!
No snow left in the back yard and the ice i gone from the local water.
So it is safe to say that the good times are ahed as we are finally entering the dry fly fishing season. 😀

24432 (9)

I had a great day outdoors this Saturday swinging the #5 rod again.
Nice weather and a few rising fish in the river.

This cute little greyling made my day! 😛 This years first one on the dry fly. 😀
With three greyling in the net, I was pretty happy with the day. Season is on!


Not often so happy to hook a greyling this size. 😉




Hope to see you by a river somewhere soon!



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