pike fishing

After hearing many good things about fly fishing for pike, I decided I had to try for my self 😉

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I have heard that fly fishing for pike can be pretty cool if you are by the water at the right time.

So when I had some free hours in between, I bought some big fluffy flies, (my fly box looked like a scene from the Muppet show), packed the bag and headed to a near by lake with some friends.

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With no clue on how to fish for this (for me) scary looking fish, I started wading in the shallow water only to realise that there was big pikes laying everywhere in the grass. And yes, they gave me a good scare when I almost stepped on them! 😛

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But somehow, I did manage to get the taste of what fly fishing for pike can be like. I had SO many chances to hook a great number of pikes, just to miss the take or to loose them after a short time. :(

But I must say, it was something other than I expected. The power of the fish, the brutality when the pike took my fly, and the excitement of the whole experience was really great. So this will definitely not be the last time! :)

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My first pike on the fly 😀 

Rune, who also is new at this had a bit more luck than me with the size 😉

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But now, there´s time to do some trout fishing soon. I´ve heard that the big may flies have started hatching, so I really need to get out there very soon. 😀

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