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This summer we left Norway with our tails wagging for Labrador, Canada en route to Lake Minipi and Coopers´Minipi Lodges.
Minipi is well-known to possess some of the greatest Brook Trout known to man. We have been anxiously awaiting this trip for a long time.
20 hours later we had arrived in Goose Bay. Our most important stop was in Minipi Coopers flystore to load up on the essential fishing gear.


We flew off to our next destination on a Cessna float-plane to Anne Marie Lake. The views were breathtaking with nothing but trees and islands as far as the eye could see. Immediately after landing near the island lodge we were greeted by Raymond, a very pleasant Minipi veteran with 30 years experience on these exact waters. After a speedy check-in we enjoyed a succulent lunch. With our bellies full it was time to get out on the water.


The lakes in this area are perfect for the hatching of drake flies which makes it a perfect feeding spot for monster brook trout. We chose to tie on dry flies to take advantage of the fish soaking up the sun and feasting on drake flies.
This remote spot made it easy for us to frequently land brightly colored brook trout.


Our first day was a dream come true. Great food, great company, and exceptional fishing. We had a peaceful nights sleep, and awoke fresh with anticipation for another beautiful day fishing in the surrounding rivers.
The ultimate goal is to catch a trophy fish hiding in the arms of the rivers, but the peacefulness and overwhelming beauty of the area are well worth the trip.
Thankfully we had the local expertise of Raymond to give us the best of both worlds…big fish and a sightseers dream come true. The bugs were not plentiful on the water this day so we had to use our fishing experience to lure them in.


We have been many different places, but I have never experienced a moment quite like when I caught my first giant brook trout.
The power it possessed as it jumped out of the water is an image I will never forget.


We used every minute of sunlight to take full advantage of this opportunity. This trip was almost euphoric, and it should be on every trout fisherman’s bucket list. We would like to give special thanks to the girls who provided us with delicious meals throughout the trip, and for making the world’s best cheesecake. And last but not least Raymond for being such a great host with hilarious stories and great guidance on the water.

Enjoy these pictures from the trip.

Keep checking back as I will be adding videos and other great fishing excursions soon.


Link: Coopers´Minipi Lodges


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