As you know I had a trip to Canada last summer. Not only did I get to meet the famous Minipi (monster) Brook Trout. I also had the pleasure of visiting the amazing St. Lewis river lodge, where I had my first encounter with the Atlantic Salmon…. Silver torpedoes, #7 […]

St.Lewis river, Canada – Video

This summer we left Norway with our tails wagging for Labrador, Canada en route to Lake Minipi and Coopers´Minipi Lodges. Minipi is well-known to possess some of the greatest Brook Trout known to man. We have been anxiously awaiting this trip for a long time. 20 hours later we had […]

minipi brook trout – canada

Tidlig i våres booket vi flybilletter til Island. Drømmen om store ørreter skulle gå i oppfyllelse. Og i høst reiste vi dit. Forventningene på plass og ingen anelse om hvor vi skulle begynne når vi landet. Share

høst på island